Is Ed Tech Sexy Yet?

There is plenty of buzz around Ed Tech; there is SXSW Edu, Startup Weekend Edu, and of course Sal Khan’s face plastered all over business and tech publications. But why is the field still full of horrendously designed websites, incomplete data, and generally unprofessional products?

I just saw an article highlighting Digital Wish, a website that uses the crowd-funding model we know and love from Donor’s Choose and Kickstarter, and from the write-up it sounded great but once I clicked through to the site I was stunned at how immature, unprofessional, and outdated the website looked. Why can’t Ed Tech companies find good designers and front-end developers?


This might seem like a surface complaint but I think it speaks to the industry and its values a whole. As much as Educational Tech is becoming more relevant to traditional “Tech people” it still has a long way to go before it is a respected and widely known area of technologic advances and development. We don’t need a million social networks or a billion iPhone games; we need to educate the world so that children of today can become creative leaders and innovators of tomorrow. If seen through that perspective, the world of tech will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of educational advances, so let Ed Tech into the club!


Hey! I'm a 19-year-old student at Tufts University where I am majoring in Math. I'm from Upstate New York and was the only Hindu in my small-town public school. I love artichokes and eyeliner and lifehacking. I have a ton of interests, but most of them fall under the umbrellas of Education/Learning, Media/Entertainment, Mathematics, Design, or Technology. I have been inseparable from my laptop(s) since I was a xanga-layout-making, neopoint-hoarding 12-year-old.

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