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In the introductory Computer Science courses at Tufts, we learn the C++ programming language. One of the most common gripes about these fairly challenging (from a newbie perspective) classes is that we learn a language that is not “useful”. If

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Changing the Meaning of “Design”

Why do we associate the word “Design” with artistic endeavors, perhaps with overtones of impracticality and frivolousness? Anyone who is curious about Design soon realizes that the most important factor in the design of an object, interface, or visualization is

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The Real Way to Figure Out the “Best” Educational System

I would assume this was obvious, but apparently it is not. So I’m dedicating a post to the fact that Education Reformers are standing in the way of their own progress when they evaluate new educational systems with old educational

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The Future of Humanities: Part I: Get Rid of Them!

For months and perhaps years, there has been an ongoing debate about getting rid of or changing the face of Humanities majors in Higher Education, largely spawned by the volatile job market for recent graduates. One post on Thought Catalog

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Learning How to Think

A common misconception is that the purpose of school is to learn concepts. Learn lots of facts, figures, equations, dates…memorize famous people’s names, faces and accomplishments…master your times tables and grammatical structure. The real value of an education is in

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Evaluation of Merit in the 21st Century

Faced with an impossible task — ranking and comparing the potential and/or performance of students — that may not even be worthwhile to evaluate, our educational system has developed practices that are inaccurate at best and downright dangerous at worst.

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Risk-Taking and Feminism: The Limited Entrepreneurial Education of Girls

I stumbled on this article about slut-shaming fatigue and a particular point stood out to me and sparked some other ideas. Create the Same Mistake-Friendly Culture for Girls that Boys Already Enjoy. In our culture boys — who are represented

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