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The Real Way to Figure Out the “Best” Educational System

I would assume this was obvious, but apparently it is not. So I’m dedicating a post to the fact that Education Reformers are standing in the way of their own progress when they evaluate new educational systems with old educational

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Is Ed Tech Sexy Yet?

There is plenty of buzz around Ed Tech; there is SXSW Edu, Startup Weekend Edu, and of course Sal Khan’s face plastered all over business and tech publications. But why is the field still full of horrendously designed websites, incomplete

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My Take on the Teacher Evaluation Debate

In response to: “What Makes a Great Teacher? Finally, We’ve Got Some Answers” (Take Part) Remember when your teacher would say “Okay someone is coming in today to observe so everyone be on your best behavior” and proceeded to act a

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Hacking Your Education is Better Than Not Learning

In response to: “Education is the Work of Teachers, Not Hackers” (The New Republic) This sounds like the typical snobbery of a humanities devotee. Yes, humanities are worthwhile. But if we have a resource crunch and a money crunch, wouldn’t

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Affirmative Action: Finding the Real Cause of Education Disparity

This is something I’ve wanted to address for a while. While I don’t have hard numbers and statistics to back up my ideas (please point me in the direction of some if you know of any studies related to this),

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Now is the Best Time to Learn STEM Online

Udacity, a website for free and open university-level courses in STEM fields, offers classes that are not put on a set time limit, including: Intro to Physics (PH100) Landmarks in Physics Introduction to Statistics (ST101) Making Decisions based on Data

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Hello World!

I am Shriya, an undergraduate student at Tufts University. I created this blog to share, highlight, and discuss the exciting and interesting things I find online and in the media related to Educational Technology. I hope that it can grow

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